Friday, September 25, 2020


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  • Orange Pill [OP6] - In Exile with Baby Bitcoin September 20, 2020
    Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with episode 6 of ORANGE PILL PODCAST. Sponsor: and Stacy discuss the censorship resistant quality of bitcoin sent to us at the right time as the disintegration of elite fiat media narratives crumbles around us and these institutions seek to maintain legitimacy through force. Max says the elite are […]
    Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert
  • Orange Pill [OP5] - Bitcoin is Stronger Than the Universe September 13, 2020
    Max and Stacy discuss creating new realities where old paradigms have failed. As empire and fiat disintegrates, storytellers are needed to craft new realities for rebirth.They are joined by theoretical physicist and bitcoin entrepreneur, Bob McElrath to discuss: Energy as THE ONLY asset and how it is that bitcoin converts energy into a transactable currency. […]
    Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert
  • ORANGE PILL [OP4] - Expect the Wormhole September 6, 2020
    Max and Stacy chat to Knut Svanholm about the alchemy of turning greed into altruism with the bitcoin protocol. Conversation topics: wormholes, jetpacks, greed, game theory, incentives, alchemy, yield farming, the transubstantiation of converting solar rays into bitcoin, chairy hested lesbians, quantum finance, the screaming of the yam farmers, the Holy Ghost of bitcoin, greedy […]
    Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert

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